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School : 
Baroda High School is an established institute since1961, has about 1600 students in the Pre Primary and the Primary section and about 800 students in the Secondary & Higher Secondary section. It is an English Medium, co-educational school managed by the Baroda Lions Club Education Trust and follows the Gujarat State Education Board Curriculum.
Physical Education
Our School has a trained staff for all sorts of indoor and outdoor games.
• The Indoor games are Badminton, Table Tennis, Carrom, Chess.
• The Outdoor Games are Langdi, Khokho, Dodgeball, Volleyball, Football, Basketball, Handball, Cricket, Hockey etc.
• Yoga & Meditation class

All students are coached & trained and talented students are sent for various competitions outside school.
The Sports equipments are Dumbells, Wands, Lezims etc.
Music & Dance Class
We have a very organized team of teachers for this discipline in our school. A specific room, a stage, & an auditorium is in our school campus for practice of music and dance. Our teachers compose a variety of songs like prayer song, patriotic song, children songs and other miscellaneous songs in all the three languages English, Hindi, Gujarati.

We have musical instruments like synthesizers, tabla, harmonium, nal, khanjari etc.which make the music and dance classes very melodious & rhythmic to the small children and so they like to attend these classes.
Computer lab
Computers have made their space not only in commercial labs and school office but also at the following sections
• Computer Labs
• School admin office
• Each Class room form Std. II to X
• Staff room (KG & Primary)
Special Activity rooms like
• Audio Visual room
• Library
• Art Room

In this manner making a total of 50 computers having different configuration ranging from Celeron to Pentium IV.

All computers are networked and have broad band internet connection. Internet is available for both teachers and students all the time in the computer lab, staffroom and office.

In terms of hardware we have number of printers like Dotmatris, Injet, Laser colored and Back & white printers placed at different locations. LCD Projector, Scanner Lamination machine , Web Camera CD Writers, Pen Drive, 17 big screen TV placed in each class and Computer lab.

In terms of software, the school has an inventory of software having licensed copy of application program, Educational Cds etc.

All teachers are computer literate and integrating the technology in the curriculum effectively.
Library caters the KG, Primary, Secondary Section of the school. It has around 15,000 books, 84 video Cassettes190 CDs, 40 visual charts etc. The library subscribes around 30 magazines for the faculty and the students.

The library caters to approximately 70 teaching faculties and 1300 students per week. The ratio of user and books can be estimated at 9.22% i.e. each user can issue around 10 books at a time. Computer based program on Microsoft Access is used for check in and out of books, magazines
Art & Craft Class
We have a very qualified fine art teacher who trains our students for a variety of art & craft activities. The various activities are as follows
1) Pencil Sketch of Nature
2) Glass Painting
3) Soft toy making
4) Magnetic sticker making
5) Wooden toy making
6) Embroidery work on various types of material
7) Canvas painting and embossing
8) Rag doll making
9) Origami
10) Paper mask making
11) Greeting card making
Audio Visual Room
We have a very well organized audio visual room where we show CDs related to vocabulary and conversation development to our KG children. There is a computer connected to a big screen TV where many children can gat a wide view of the video shows. To teach rhymes and songs to children we also have cassette players and CD players. The children are often given practice of cultural program on Stage and gradually they develop confidence to express themselves independently.
Laboratory for Science and Technology
Today a well equipped science laboratory is a distinctive feature of science education. The experience possible for laboratory situation is an integral part of teaching science in an effective manner.

Thus it is our primary goal to have student centered science activities specially conducted in our lab to make teaching – learning experience more enriching and meaningful.

The Science Lab is very well equipped with special budget kept aside for its maintenance. It is divided into Physics, Biology, Chemistry and Maths Sections.

A wide range of experiments on chemistry & Physics are conducted to specially explain concepts based on light, energy, heat, magnetization, static electricity, sound etc.

The biology section is equipped with excellent models as the human body torso, skeleton system, eye, ear, teeth, heart, etc. The model make wonderful teaching aids & enhance the learning of biology. Besides there are a number of preserved specimens of animals such as octopus, fish, pitcher, plant life cycle of frog, butterfly, earthworm, roundworm. Etc.

There are also numerous charts related to chemistry, physics, & biology topics which give wonderful visual representations & make the comprehension of difficult concept easier.

Pupils also conduct experiments in the lab & get a hand on experience for using the different apparatus & glassware. Thus such student centric activities develop analytical critical and logical skills. The Maths section has many mathematical kits. Each kit has wooden models of 3 dimensional figures such as a cube, cuboid, hexagon, cylinder, etc. Besides there are numerous other Maths models to teach the concept of number line, identities, congruency of triangles etc. A special Geoboard is used to explain many geometrical concepts.
Baroda High School Alkapuri has a very equipped and hygienic Kitchen setup. We have all the latest cooking facilities in our kitchen and we provide nutritive & hygienic food to our children at a very nominal rate.

We serve a variety of food during the entire year so that MEAL TIME is an attractive & awaited hour for the children. Following are the menu Variety at our School.
Computer lab
Audio Visual Room
Laboratory for Science and Tec
Music & Dance Class
Art & Craft Class
Physical Education
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