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Greeting Card Competition V TO VIII (Aft Shift) 19-20
Election Meeting Aft. Shift 19-20
Sneh orientation
Field Trip of Std II to Kamati baug Musuem(Morning Sec.) (2016-17)
Field Trip of Std I to Kamati baug Musuem(Morning Sec.) (2016-17)
Field Trip to Std V to Hazira Tomb and Sugam Dairy (Morning Sec.) (2016-17)
Magic show in kg section
Science Day Celebration Afternoon Shift(2017-18)
Election Meeting (Morn. SEc) 2019-20
Story Telling Competition (2019-20) (Morn. SEc)
Carrier Counselling (Morn. SEc) 20119-20
Vasant Panchami Celebration (Afternoon Shift)2018-19
Camp for Std VII(Marine Camp)2018-19
Health & Nutrition Rally Pics (2018-19) (Mor. Sec)
Health and Nutrition (2018-19) Morn. Sec.,
ONGC's 47th National Safety Week (2017-18)
Advertisement Comp. (std III & IV) (Morn. Sec. 2016-17)
Drama Competition (Std I & II) (Morning Sec.) 2016-17
Field trip to Kamati baug (zoo) for SNEH students
Half Marathon 2016-17
Colour day Celebration (SNEH & LKG)
Science experience for lkg
Diwali celebration in KG section
Intra school quiz competition for UKG
Dance competition Afternoon shift (2017-18)
Monkey tail competition afternoon shift (2017-18)
Composition& Essay writing Afternoon shift 2017-18
Republic day celebration in KG section
Funky day celebration (By LKG & UKG)
G.k Quiz Comp. 2017-18 Afternoon shift
Draw for "Sneh" 2016-17
Camp for Std IV (Kevdi)2018-19
Workshop on Inculcating Counselling Skills in Teacher's (Afternoon Shift)
Talent Exhibition (2017-18) (Std 7 & 8) (Morn. Sec.)
Story Weaving Comp. (2017-18) (Morn. Sec) Std 7 & 8
Spell Bee Comp. (2017-18) (std 7 & 8) (Morn. Sec.)
Rangoli Comp (std 7 & 8) 2017-18 (Morn. Sec.)
Poem Compostion Comp. (std 7 & 8) (Morn. Sec.) 2017-18
News Reading Comp. (Std 7 & 8) 2017-18 (Morn. Sec.)
Hasya Kavita Comp. (Std 7 & 8) 2017-18 (Morn. Sec.)
Folk Dance Comp. (Std VII & VIII) 2017-18 (Morn. Sec)
Artistic Writing (2017-18) (Morning Sec.) (Std 7 & 8)
Teachers workshop on Advances in Human Development and Education (2016-17)
Oxford wokshop - computer 2017-18
Poster Painting Comp. (Morn Sec) 2017-18
Self Defence (Padkar) Morn. Sec. 2017-18
Sports day morning section 2018
Vadodara Half Marathon (2015-16)
Visit to Iskcon temple (in KG section)
Janmashtami Celebration in KG Section
Raksha bandhan celebration in KG Section
Quiz by ONGC by corruption (Morn. SEc) 2018-19
Slogan Writing Comp. by ONGC on Corruption (Morn. Sec. 2018-19)
Rangoli Competition (Morn. Sec.) 2018-19
Spell Bee Competition (Morn. Sec.) 2018-19
Picture Talk Competition (Morn. Sec) 2018-19
Diwali card Making Comp. (2018-19) (Morn. Sec)
field trip (Mor sec. 2016-17) (std 3 & 4)
field trip (Afternoon sec. 2016-17)
Health and Hygiene (2016-17)
Edu Fair (2017-18)
Advertisement Comp. Afternoon shift (2017-18)
Hindi Poem Recitation Afternoon shift (2017-18)
Science Quiz Afternoon shift (2017-18)
Monkey Tail Competition Afternoon Shift(2017-18)
Learning Kit Competition Afternoon Shift (2017-18)
Picture talk Competition (Afternoon Shift)2017-18
workshop on Consortium for Inclusive Education
election of head boy and head girl (Morning Sec. 2016-17)
english workshop by cambridge (2016-17)
parenting session by swami Nikhileshwarnandji (2016-17)
Rhyme competition in Play Group
Magic show in kg section
garba celebration (Afternoon shift. 2017-18)
Montage competition 2017-18(Afternoon Shift)
Dental Checkup for students BHS ONGC
Khel MahaKumbh Students Garba. (Morn. Sec)
-Khel MahaKumbh -Solo Singing Comp. (Morn. Sec)
Spin -A-Yarn Competition (Morn. Sec) 2018-19
swachhta Diwas - 2nd Oct (2016-17)
Teacher's Day Celebration 2018-19(Afternoon Shift)
Janmashtami Celebration of Students I To IV (Afternoon Shift)
Debate Competition held by LIC 2018-19 (Afternoon Shift)
Student Of the Year Trophy by LIC 2018-19(Afternoon Shift)
Word Building Competition 2018-19(Afternoon Shift)
Health and Nutrition Rally 2018-19 (Afternoon Shift)
Health and Nutrition (2018-19) Afternoon Shift
NCSC Workshop For Maths & Science Teachers2018-19 (Afternoon Shift)
Dance Competition of Students I To IV 2018-19 (Afternoon Shift)
Health & Nutrition (Receipe Comp) (Morn. Sec)2018-19
Sports Day (Carnival) (Morn. Sec) 2018-19
Sports Day (Yoga Drill) (Morn. Sec) 2018-19
Sports Day Celebration (Morn Sec) (2018-19)
Display of Fruits & Vegetables in KG Section
Kala MahaKumbh Teacher's Garba 2018-19(Afternoon Shift)
G.K. Quiz competition 2018-19 Afternoon Sec.
Teacher's Picnic 2018-19
Medical Checkup 2018-19(Afternoon Shift)
G.K Quiz Competition (Afternoon Shift)2019-20
Science Quiz Competition (Afternoon Shift)2019-20
Children Day Celebration (Afternoon Shift)2019-20
SOCLEEN (Afternoon Shift)2019-20
Kite Making Decoration (Afternoon Shift)2019-20
Republic Day Celebration 2019-20
TOD FOD JOD (Afternooon Shift)19-20
Picnic III TO VIII(Dilly Camp) Afternoon Shift
Picnic 2018-19 (Afternoon Shift)
Sports Activity (Team Event Kho-Kho )Aft. Shift 2018-19
wall painting BHS ONGC
Annual Sports Meet (2017-18) Afternoon Shift
Christmas celebration in KG section
Completed 25 years (Non Teaching) 18-19
Republic Day (2018-19)
Sports Day Celebration(Afternoon Shift)
Carnival Celebration(Afternoon Shift)
Health & Nutrition (Scrap & Model Making ) Afternoon shift 2017-18
Health & Nutrition (Veggie day) Afternoon shift 2017-18
Health & Nutrition (fruits day) Afternoon shift 2017-18
Hindi Poem Recitation (Afternoon shift) (2017-18)
Salad Decoration competition (Afternoon shift) (2017-18)
Inter school Art Comp. (Afternoon shift) 2017-18
Flower Making competition (Afternoon shift)2017-18
Science Olympiad Competition Aftenoon shift (2017-18)
Science Day (Morning Sec. (2016-17)
Christmas celebration in KG Section
Prize Distribution of Std I & II Afternoon shift(2017-18)
Prize Distribution of Std VI To VIII Afternoon shift(2017-18)
Prize Distribution of Std III To V Afternoon shift(2017-18)
Poster Making Competition - Yoga Day (Morn. Sec 2019-20)
Khel Mahakumbh (2016-17)
Helath and hygiene (Morning shift - 2016-17)
Gift wrapping (Morning sec Std 7 & 8 2016-17)
Ganpati Celebration (2016-17)
A Trip to Abu (2016-17)
indepence day 2016-17
folk dance (Morning sec. 2016-17)
sports Day (Morning Sec.) (2016-17)
Republic Day (2016-17)
Picnic (Std IV) 2018-19 (Afternoon Shift)
Colour day (SNEH)
Colour day (UKG)
Rhyme recitation by sneh kids
Diwali celebration in KGSection
Display of Teaching Aid (2015-16)
Ganpati Celebration (2015-16)
Food Without Cooking - CA (2015-16)
Parent - child Team (Origami, Clay Moulding, Collage) 2015-16
Teachers' Day Celebration (2015-16)
Folk Dance Comp STd V & VI (2015-16) CA
Drama Competition (2015-16)
Installation Ceremony 2015-16 (Std IV)
Ganesh celebration in KG Section
G.K. Quiz competition 17-18 Af. Sec.
Drama compettion Af.Sec(2017-18)
Story telling competition 2017-18 Afternoon Sec.
Valedictory function of Foundation Day (2014-2015)
Election campaign & Voting of Head Girl & Boy (2014-2015)
Orientation Meeting of Std I - III (30-06-2014)
Orientation Meeting of Std VI - VIII (05-07-2014)
SPELL BEE Competition Final Round Std. VII - VIII (18-07-2014)
Best Out of Waste of Std 3 & 4 (2014-2015)
Garba Celebration 2014-15
gopis playing Garba
kg supervisor Ms.Seema Patil Falicilated by Lion's Club International
Inaugration of Co-scolastic Books at Library Nov 14
NCSC Project
Rangoli Making Competition October 2014
Grand Parents Day Celebration October 2014
Ramleela October 2014
Workshop on Parenting by Dr. Palan
ukg fancy dress competition
Visit to a Zoo KG Section
lkg fancy dress competition
KG winners of Inter school competition at Danteshwar
KG picnic to Mangla Farm
display of vehicles in kg section
Play group orientation
Holi Celebration in KG Section
Inter School Painting Comp(Afternoon Shift)2017-18
Maths Olympiad Comp. (Afternoon Shift)2017-18
Field trip to Joy train ride for SNEH students
Field trip to Joy train ride for UKG students
Investiture Ceremony (Morn. Sec) 2018-19
Children's Day Celebration (2017-18) Afternoon sec.
Display of toys in Sneh
Guru purnima celebration in KG Section
Investiture Ceremony
Different activities of play group
Dress up like family members in ukg
Magic show in kg section
Cyclothon rally to save fuel organised by ONGC (Std VIII) (morn. Sec)
Sports Activites (2018-19) (Morning Sec)
Sports Activity (Team Event)Aft. Shift 2018-19
Orientation Meeting (2017-18) Morning Sec.
Puzzle Solving Competition I TO IV(Aft. Sec)2019-20
World Yoga Day (Morn. Sec) 2019-20
Yoga Day Celebration (Aft. Sec)2019-20
Display of toys in playgroup
Eid celebration in kg section
TOD FOD JOD (2018-19)Afternoon Shift
Gender Sensetivity workshop for std VIII (Afternoon shift)
Sports Day 18-19(Afternoon Shift)
Medical Checkup (Morn. Sec) 2018-19
Navratri celebration in KGSection
Pareting Session by Dr. Swati Joshi (2016-17)
teacher's day (Morn Sec) (std I & II) 2018-19
Rakhi making competition (Morn Sec) (std I & II) 2018-19
picture puzzle and crossword puzzle (Morn Sec) (std I & II) 2018-19
national symbol making (Morn Sec) (std I & II) 2018-19
memory test (Morn Sec) (std I & II) 2018-19
guru poornima celebration (Morn Sec) (std I & II) 2018-19
Field Trip for Std I & II(Afternoon Shift) JoyTrain (Kamatibaug)2018-19
Greeting card making comp (std VII & VIII) Morn Sec 2018-19
G.K.Quiz (Std I & II) 2018-19 Morn. Sec
Maths Quiz (Std III & IV) Morn Sec. 2018-19
Science Day Celebration (Afternoon Shift)2018-19
Vasant Panchami Morning Sec. (2016-17)
Visit to Swaminarayan Temple (KG Section)
Guru purnima celebration in KG Section
Finger Printing Comp. (Std I & II) (Mor. Sec) 2018-19
Fancy Dress Comp. (Morn Sec) (std I & II) 2018-19
Clay Moulding Comp. (Morn. Sec) Std I & II (2018-19)
Christmas Cap Making (Std I & II) 2018-19 (Morn. Sec)
Science Model Making Comp. Std 1 & 2 (Morn Sec) 2017-18
Memory Test Competition I TO IV (Aft. Shift)19-20
News Reading Competition V TO VIII (2019-20)
Inter-School Debate Competition (Dec 2014)
Fashion Show Std I & II (Nov 2014)
Fancy dress competition for UKG
Field trip to Joy train ride (UKG)
Magic Show in Kg Secrtion
Prize Distribution Std I & II) 216-17 Morning Sec
Holi celebration in KG section
play by students - Id Mubarak (std I & II) (2015-16)
Elocution Competition -V & VI (2015-16)
clay Moulding (Std I & II) (2015-16)
Installation Ceremony 2015-16
Health and Nutrition by Std III & IV (Morning Sec) 2017-18
Kutch Trip by NEEDS for std VIII 2018-19 (Afternoon shift)
inter school Debate competition 2017-18
Childrens' Day KG Sec.
Orientation Meeting (V TO VIII) 2019-20 Aft.Shift
Janmashtami Celebration in KG Section
Raksha bandhan Celebration in KG Section
Childrens' Day Celebration (2017-18) Morning sec
Dog Show
Science Quiz (std V - VI) Morn. Sec. 2017-18
Scholastic Book Fair (Morn. Sec) 2017-18
Inter school kho-kho comp. (Morn. Sec.) 2017-18
Inter school Folk Dance Comp. (Morn. Sec.) 2017-18
Pot Decoration 2018-19 (Afternoon Sec.)
Maths Quiz (Morn. Sec) Std 3 & 4 2017-18
National Science Day (Morn. Sec) 2018-19
Collage Comp. (Morn. Sec.) 2017-18
Khel Mahakumbh Teachers Garba (2018-19)
Annual Sports Meet 10 Jan 2015
Gourp Dance Std VII-VIII Jan 2015
Food Carnival Std III & IV Feb
Food Carnival Std I & II (Dec 2014)
Poster Making Competition (2018-19)Aft.Shift
Morning Assembly (Morn. Sec) 2018-19
Folk Dance Comp. (Morning Sec) (2017-18)
Patroitic Song Comp. (Morning Sec) (2017-18)
Poem Composition Comp. (Morning Sec) (2017-18)
Elocution Comp. (Morning Sec) (2017-18)
Puzzle Solving Comp (Morning Sec) (2017-18)
Field Trip of Std VI to Kamati baug Musuem(Morning Sec.) (2016-17)
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