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Ms. Madalsa Sonavane (Teaching Assistant)
Qualification : B.A
Ms. Namrata Yadav (Teaching Assistant)
Qualification : B.A. ECCE
Ms. Bhagyashree Naik (Teaching Assistant)
Qualification : B.Com
Ms. Renu Sharma (Teaching Assistant)
Qualification : B.Sc. ,M.A , B.Ed (Pursuing)
Mrs. Priya Makhijani (PRINCIPAL)
Qualification : B.A. (English Literature) B. Ed.
Mrs. Girija Mistry (Supervisor)
Qualification : B.Sc. B.Ed.
Ms. Davinder Hundal (Supervisor ,Primary section (Std V to VIII))
Qualification : M.A ,B.Ed
Ms. Rizwana Jamshed (Supervisor , KG. Section)
Qualification : B.Sc.(CD) Home, PG Dip. in Pre. School Edu.
Mrs. Arpita Jamdar (Assistant Teacher)
Qualification : M. Sc., B. Ed.
Mrs. Margi Panchal (Assistant Teacher)
Qualification : A.T.D. & Fine Art (Applied Arts)
Mrs. Neerja Chauhan (Assistant Teacher)
Qualification : M. Sc., B. Ed.
Mrs. Malati Bhosale (Teaching Assistant)
Qualification : B. Sc. P.G. Diploma in Pre School Education
Mrs. Dimple Nagrecha (Teaching Assistant)
Qualification : B. Sc. (Home), P.G. Diploma in Pre School Education,E.C.C.E
Mrs. Vrunda Verma (Teaching Assistant)
Qualification : M. Com. DECC
Mr. Chandubhai Parmar (Teaching Assistant)
Qualification : M.A. B. Ed., P.G. D in H.R.D.
Mrs. Sandhya Desai (Teaching Assistant)
Qualification : B.A. (Political Sci., Eco. Sociology,B.Ed
Mrs. Suman B. Nayak (Teaching Assitant)
Qualification : M.A., B. Ed.
Mrs. Aarti Satbhai (Art Teacher)
Qualification : Fine Arts (Applied Arts)
Mrs. Parul Shah (Computer Teacher)
Qualification : Diploma in Electronics engg., D.C.A., CTTC
Mr. Jaydeep Behere (Teaching Assistant (Music Teacher))
Qualification : M.Com., B.P.A.,(Vocal), M.P.A. (Vocal) Music Visharad
Mrs. Uma Ghag (P.E Teacher)
Qualification : M.A B.P.Ed
Dr. Mrs. Anjana Bhatt (Teaching Asst.)
Qualification : M.A,B.Ed.,Ph.D
Mrs. Meghana Marathe (Teaching Assistant)
Qualification : B.Sc. B.Ed
Mrs. Vaishali Tungare (Teaching Assistant)
Qualification : M.Sc. PGDBM,PGDSM
Mrs. Mandrika Dixit Patel (Teaching Assistant )
Qualification : M.A.(Gujarati, Sanskrit), B.Ed.
Ms. Sapna Shah (Dance Teacher)
Qualification : M.Com, B.P.A
Dr. Amisha Shah (Asst. Teacher)
Qualification : M.A., B.Ed., Ph.D
Ms. Ruchi Natu (Teaching Assistant)
Qualification : M.Sc. B.Ed
Ms. Divyaba A Mahida (Teaching Assistant)
Qualification : M.Sc.
Ms. Neelima Y Shah (Teaching Assistant)
Qualification : M.A ,MBA
Mrs. Sugandha S. Chumbalkar (Teaching)
Qualification : M.A., B.Ed.,D.C.A.
Ms. Aruna Brahmbhatt (Teaching Asst.)
Qualification : M.A.B.Ed
Mrs. Deepali Deshpande (Teaching Assistant)
Qualification : B.Sc., (Botany) P.G.D.E.S.,(Env.Sci.)
Mrs. Minal Kaluskar (Teaching Assistant)
Qualification : M.Com , M.S.M.
Mrs. Niketa Trivedi (Teaching Assistant)
Qualification : B. Com., ECCE
Mrs. Sonal R. Jadav (Teaching Assistant)
Qualification : B. Sc. (Home Sci.), P.G. Diploma in E.C.C.C.
Mrs. Vaishali M. Shah (Assistant Teacher)
Qualification : Montessori Trained
Ms. Katy M. Mehta (Assistant Teacher)
Qualification : B. Com., P.G. Diploma in Pre School Education
Mrs. Janet Barboza (Assistant Teacher)
Qualification : B. Sc. B. Ed. (Phy - Sci), P.G. Diploma in Pre School
Mrs. Rajul J. Gandhi (Teaching Assistant)
Qualification : B. Sc. (Home)
Mrs. Anjali K. Hingurao (Teaching Assistant)
Qualification : B. Sc., DECE
Mrs. Rupal Baxi (Music Teacher)
Qualification : B. Com. M.P.A. (Sitar), Visharad (Vocal)
Mr. Vihang Vasava (Sports Teacher)
Qualification : B.P.E, B.P.Ed, M.P.Ed
Mrs. Kinnari Garg (Teaching Assistant )
Qualification : B.Sc.(Zoology, Botany, Chemistry), B.Ed., DBM
Mrs. Shital Shitole (Teaching Assistant )
Qualification : B.Sc. (Chemistry), B.Ed.
Mr. Shashikant Patel (Sr. Accountant)
Qualification : M.Com
Mr. Ashwin Makwana (Office Assistant)
Qualification : M.A B.Ed, CCC
Mrs. Nimisha Raval (Office Asst)
Qualification : B. Com., DCA (Computer)
Mrs. Niruben (Bai)
Qualification : -
Mr. Jayesh A. Varsalkar (Peon)
Qualification : Std. 12th
Mr. Balkrishna Shinde (Peon)
Qualification : Std. 9th
Mr. Ramchandra Rajankar (Peon)
Qualification : Std. 10th
Mr. Ashok Chauhan (Peon)
Qualification : Std 12th
Mrs. Pushpaben (Bai)
Qualification : Std. 9th
Mrs. Hasumatiben (Sweeper)
Qualification : -
Mrs. Manjuben (Bai)
Qualification : Std. 2nd
Mrs. Kamlaben (Bai)
Qualification : Std. 5th
Flashing News
Ms. Pal Patel of Std VI won the first prize in Inter School Solo Singing Competition
Ma. Samarth Bhole of Std VII A has won the first prize in Tabla at the State level in Kala Mahakumbh
Ma.Hitarth Mistry of Std V has come 1st in Harmonium in District level Kala Mahakumbh
Ms. Purvi Ghotikar of Std V has won the second prize in Vocal Classical at District level Kala Mahak
Ms. Shraddha Nair of Std VI has won the third prize in Flute at District level Kala Mahakumbh
The following students won the 2nd prize in group song in 'Lagna Geet' Category at District level
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