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Ms. Priya Makhijani ( Principal)
Qualification : B. A; B. Ed.
Mr. J.P.Joshi (Principal (Afternoon Section))
Qualification : M.Com, B.Ed, PDEM., M.EdM
Mrs. Sheeba Zachariah (Vice - Principal)
Qualification : M.A. B.Ed PGDBA
Ms. Seema Patil (Vice Principal)
Qualification : B.Sc. (CD), PG Dip. ECCE, PDEM, B. Ed.
Ms. Abha Ghosh (Supervisor)
Qualification : MA(ECO) ,BEd
Ms. Vinitha Nair (Supervisor)
Qualification : B.A., B.Ed., ECCE
Ms. Pallavi Sharma (Supervisor)
Qualification : B.Com, ECCE
Ms. Kalpana Dasgupta (Asst. Teacher)
Qualification : M.A; B. Ed.
Ms. Paraj Vasavda (Librarian)
Qualification : B.Sc.(Home Sc.), B.Lib. Sci., B.A. (Dance), DPA (Drama)
Mr. Ms.Anjali Petiwale (Teaching Asst.)
Qualification : M. Sc; B. Ed.
Mr. Mr. Ajay Vyas (Art Teacher)
Qualification : BA Fine Arts (Sculpture)
Ms. Pallavi (Asst. Tr)
Qualification : B.S.C
Ms. Nisha Anand (Teaching Asst.)
Qualification : M.Com,B.Ed
Ms. Taniya Tolani (Teacher Asst.)
Qualification : B.com,Bed(Maths Science)
Ms. Jyoti K. (Asst. Tr)
Qualification : B.S.C
Ms. Roshni Chakravorty (Asst. Teacher)
Qualification : BCom,MBA
Ms. Yaksha Sonavane (Asst. Teacher)
Qualification : BCom.MCom,DLED
Ms. Falguni Valodkar (Teacher Asst.)
Qualification : M.A,B.Ed
Ms. Madhuri Dubey (Teacher Asst.)
Qualification : B.E.,M.S.c
Ms. Taniya Tolani (Teacher Asst.)
Qualification : B.Com,B.Ed
Ms. Kruti L.Bhatt (Teacher Asst.)
Qualification : M.A,B.Ed
Ms. Naurin Tai (Teacher Asst.)
Qualification : B.Com,B.Ed
Ms. Ila Acharya (Teacher Asst.)
Qualification : M.E in Elec.
Ms. Naina Chawla (Dance Teacher)
Qualification : B.com,Visharad,Nritya Alankar
Ms. Binal Soni (Teacher Asst.)
Qualification : M.sc
Ms. Grishma Raval (Asst Teacher)
Qualification : M.A. B.Ed
Ms. Anita Bhatia (Teaching Asst.)
Qualification : M.A., B.Ed.
Ms. Ratna Patel (KG. Teacher)
Qualification : B.Sc.(Home Sci.), PGD (ECCE )
Ms. Princee Singh (Asst. Tr.)
Qualification : B.A.,B.Ed, PTC
Ms. Shreya Patwardhan (Teaching Asst.)
Qualification : M.Com, B.Ed, PGDHRD
Ms. Rinku Shinde (Teaching Asst.)
Qualification : M.A., B.Ed
Ms. Snehal S. (Teaching Assistant)
Qualification : B.Sc., PG (ECCE),B.Ed
Ms. Nisha Anand (Asst. Tr.)
Qualification : M.com, B.Ed
Mr. Bhavesh Mahant (Asst. Teacher)
Qualification : M.A., B.Ed
Ms. Shreya Patwardhan (Teaching Asst.)
Qualification : M.com, B.Ed,PGDHRD
Ms. Sonal Patel (Teaching Asst.)
Qualification : B.Com, ATD
Ms. Durgalakshmi G. Iyer (Teaching Asst.)
Qualification : B.Com, M.B.A,DCE
Ms. Kruti Visani (Teaching Asst.)
Qualification : M.A.B.Ed
Ms. Vina D. Agate (Comp. Tr)
Qualification : M.A.PGDCA
Ms. Preeti Yadav (Asst. Teacher)
Qualification : B.Com, B.Ed
Mr. Prayesh . M. Bhatt (Asst Teacher)
Qualification : B.A , SGSU
Ms. Rudhra Trivedi (Asst.Teacher)
Qualification : B.E.(Computer Science)
Ms. Aarushi D. Talreja (Asst. Teacher)
Qualification : BCA ,Msc(Computer Sci)
Ms. Rupal Parmar (Asst. Teacher)
Qualification : M.A. , B.Ed, PTC
Ms. Prashantini Parekh (Asst. Teacher)
Qualification : B.Ed, PGDHAM, BHMS
Ms. Smita Sardesai (Asst. Teacher)
Qualification : B.Com, ECCE
Ms. Mamta Dadlani (Asst. Teacher)
Qualification : B.Com, B.Ed , Mont. , CCCD
Ms. Bharti Patel (Asst. Teacher)
Qualification : DECE, M.Com
Ms. Kamalmeet Tuteja (Asst. Teacher)
Qualification : M.Com, NTT
Ms. Rachana Bhatlekar (Asst. Teacher)
Qualification : M.Com , CCCD
Ms. Darshita Gandhi (Asst. Teacher)
Qualification : B.Com, ECCE, DECE
Ms. Jyoti Mule (Asst. Teacher)
Qualification : M.Com, ECCE
Ms. Sarika Dashputre (Asst. Teacher)
Qualification : B.A. , DECE
Ms. Kenya Pandya (Teaching Asst.)
Qualification : B.com, B.Ed
Ms. Lalita Roa (Teaching Asst.)
Qualification : M.Com,MBA,B.Ed
Ms. Neeta Mahor (Teaching Asst.)
Qualification : B.Sc. B.ed
Ms. Sonali Patil (Teaching Asst.)
Qualification : BCS,M.Sc IT
Mr. Narendra Gosai (PE Teacher)
Qualification : B.A. B.PEd
Ms. Seema Yadav (Teaching Asst.)
Qualification : M.A.B.Ed
Ms. Rashmi Joshi (Teaching Asst.)
Qualification : M.Sc., B.Ed.
Ms. Shruti Karulkar (Teaching Asst.)
Qualification : B.Sc., B.Ed
Ms. ShitalKaur Chinna (Asst. Tr.)
Qualification : M.A., B.Ed
Mr. Mrugnesh Bhanvaria (Music Teacher)
Qualification : BA Music, DPA (Music)
Mr. Amit Parmar (PE Teacher)
Qualification : B.A., B.P.Ed.
Ms. Trupati Tekale (Teaching Asst.)
Qualification : B.Sc., B.Ed.
Ms. Hemlata Patel (Teaching Asst.)
Qualification : M.Sc., B.Ed., DCA
Ms. Geeta Vadodaria (KG. Teacher)
Qualification : B.Sc. (Home) CD
Ms. Kalpana Bhootda (Teaching Assistant)
Qualification : M.Sc., B.Ed., PGDCA
Mr. P. M. Bhatt (Football Coach)
Qualification : Coach
Mr. Darshan Shah (Music Teacher)
Qualification : B.A.Music
Mr. Mayur Patel (Judo Coach)
Qualification : B.A, NIS 6 Weeks Certificate course (Patiala), B.P.Ed (3rd year)
Ms. Anita Bhardwaj (Asst. Teacher)
Qualification : B.Sc.( Home Sci), Dip. CCP
Mr. Ms. Manidipa Mitra (Teaching Asst.)
Qualification : M.A.B.Ed.
Ms. Anju Shamnani (Teaching Asst.)
Qualification : B.A., Montessori, CCD
Mr. Sanjay Aerke (Hockey Coach)
Qualification : B.A., B.Ed.
Mr. Ms. Kinnari Asti (Dance Teacher)
Qualification : B.A. in Dance, B.Com
Mr. Ms. Geeta Mamgai (Teaching Assistant)
Qualification : M.Sc. B.Ed.
Ms. Anagha Tamhane (Teaching Asst.)
Qualification : M.Com, B.Ed
Ms. Shubhangi Patel (Tennis Coach)
Qualification : B.Com. Dip. Montessori
Ms. Pooja Pandya (KG Teacher)
Qualification : B.Sc., PG (ECCE)
Mr. Harkishan K. Patel (Hockey Asst.)
Qualification : 12th
Ms. Sangeeta Dalia (Teaching Asst.)
Qualification : M.P.A in Sitar, B.P.A in Vocal, D.P.A in Vocal, Child Dvt., Montessori, Tabla
Ms. Jaya R. Relwani (Teaching Asst.)
Qualification : M.Com. B.Ed, PGDCA
Mr. Mayur Patel (Judo Coach)
Qualification : B.A., BPE
Ms. Preeti Shah (Teaching Ass.)
Qualification : B.Sc.PG (ECCE)
Ms. Sumita Kar (Teaching Asst.)
Qualification : M.A; Montessori, B.Ed.
Ms. Jyoti Purohit (Teaching Asst.)
Qualification : B.Com; LLB; B.Ed.
Mr. Manhar Parmar (Teaching Assistant)
Qualification : M.A., B.Ed.
Ms. Rinu Manoj (Teaching Ass.)
Qualification : M.Com., B.Ed
Mr. Rajesh Solanki (Coach - Gymnastic)
Qualification : BPE
Ms. Manisha Mehrotri (Teaching Asst.-KG Section)
Qualification : INIFD, ECCE, B.Ed.
Ms. Inderjeet Kaur Bumsa (Teaching Asst.-KG Section)
Qualification : M.Sc.(Home Sci.), NTT
Ms. Priti Athley (Teaching Ass.)
Qualification : B.A.Montessori, B.Ed.
Ms. Ashwini Falnikar (Teaching Asst.)
Qualification : B.Sc., B.Ed., CD
Ms. Vandana Ahluwalia (Teaching Assistant)
Qualification : B.A. ECCE, B.Ed.
Ms. Binita Shah (Teaching Assistant)
Qualification : M.Com, B.Ed
Ms. Sinthoo Ganjoo (Teaching Assistant)
Qualification : B.Sc, B.Ed
Ms. Saranya Somarajan (Asst. Teacher)
Qualification : BA,BEd
Ms. Chaitali Gupta (Teaching Asst.)
Qualification : B. Com., ECCE
Mr. Pankaj Parmar (Asst Teacher)
Qualification : M.A.B.ED ,PGD Journalism, CCC
Ms. Gargi Kapse (Asst Teacher)
Qualification : ECCE
Ms. Hiral Joshi (Teaching Asst.)
Qualification : B. Com., Montessori
Ms. Jahnavi Srivastav (Teaching Asst.)
Qualification : M.Sc B.Ed.
Ms. Riddhi Soman (Accountant)
Qualification : B.Com; DCS, CD
Ms. Aruna Aher (Office Clerk)
Qualification : HSc; DPCS (ITI), CD
Ms. Shakuntala Bind (Accountant)
Qualification : M.Com, Tally
Mr. D.J.Sadhu (Peon)
Qualification : 10th Pass
Bharatiben (Sweepress)
Qualification : 5th Pass
Arjunbhai (Sweepress)
Qualification : 10th Pass
Ms. Priyanka Ranpise (Office Asst.)
Qualification : M.Com, Tally -9
Sitaben (Kitchen Bai)
Qualification : 9th Pass
Vandanaben (Kitchen Bai)
Qualification : 7th pass
Sunitha Nair (Kitchen Bai)
Qualification : S.S.C.
Punitaben D. Rathod (Kitchen Bai)
Qualification : Nil
Nirmala Thapa (Kitchen Bai)
Qualification : 10th
Flashing News
Students of Std III to VIII will have holiday on 23rd Nov'19 (Saturday). (Morning Sec)
Std I & II will have one day picnic on 29/11/19 (Friday) at 'Dilly Camp'. Time 7.15 a.m to 5.00
Std III to V will have one day picnic on 28/11/19 (Thursday) at 'Dilly Camp'. Time 7.15 a.m to 5.00
Std VI to VIII will have one day picnic on 27/11/19 (Wed) at 'Dilly Camp'. Time 7.15 a.m to 5.00 p.
'Children's Day' Celebration on 14th Nov'19. at BHS ONGC campus
Due to Technical reason Sneh Admission Forms (20-21) cannot be downloaded pls collect it from schoo
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