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Ms. Pallavi (Asst. Tr)
Qualification : B.S.C
Ms. Nisha Anand (Teacher Asst.)
Qualification : M.A,B.Ed
Ms. Taniya Tolani (Teacher Asst.)
Qualification : B.com,Bed(Maths Science)
Ms. Jyoti K. (Asst. Tr)
Qualification : B.S.C
Ms. Alpana Mathur ( Principal)
Qualification : B. Sc; M. A; M. Ed.
Ms. Falguni Valodkar (Teacher Asst.)
Qualification : M.A,B.Ed
Ms. Seema Patil (Vice Principal)
Qualification : B.Sc. (CD), PG Dip. ECCE, PDEM, B. Ed.
Ms. Madhuri Dubey (Teacher Asst.)
Qualification : B.E.,M.S.c
Ms. Sheeba Zachariah (Vice Principal)
Qualification : M.A., B.Ed. , PGDBA
Ms. Taniya Tolani (Teacher Asst.)
Qualification : B.Com,B.Ed
Ms. Kruti L.Bhatt (Teacher Asst.)
Qualification : M.A,B.Ed
Ms. Naurin Tai (Teacher Asst.)
Qualification : B.Com,B.Ed
Ms. Ila Acharya (Teacher Asst.)
Qualification : M.E in Elec.
Ms. Abha Ghosh (Supervisor)
Qualification : MA(ECO) ,BEd
Ms. Naina Chawla (Dance Teacher)
Qualification : B.com,Visharad,Nritya Alankar
Ms. Binal Soni (Teacher Asst.)
Qualification : M.sc
Ms. Grishma Raval (Asst Teacher)
Qualification : M.A. B.Ed
Ms. Anita Bhatia (Teaching Asst.)
Qualification : M.A., B.Ed.
Ms. Ratna Patel (KG. Teacher)
Qualification : B.Sc.(Home Sci.), PGD (ECCE )
Ms. Princee Singh (Asst. Tr.)
Qualification : B.A.,B.Ed, PTC
Ms. Snehal S. (Teaching Assistant)
Qualification : B.Sc., PG (ECCE),B.Ed
Ms. Nisha Anand (Asst. Tr.)
Qualification : M.com, B.Ed
Mr. Bhavesh Mahant (Asst. Teacher)
Qualification : M.A., B.Ed
Ms. Shreya Patwardhan (Asst. Tr.)
Qualification : M.com, B.Ed,PGDHRD
Ms. Sonal Patel (Asst. Tr)
Qualification : B.Com, ATD
Ms. Durga Lakshmi G. Iyer (Asst. Tr.)
Qualification : B.Com, M.B.A,DCE
Ms. Kruti Visani (Asst. Tr.)
Qualification : M.A.B.Ed
Ms. Vina D. Agate (Comp. Tr)
Qualification : M.A.PGDCA
Mrs. Sheeba Zachariah (Vice - Principal)
Qualification : M.A. B.Ed PGDBA
Ms. Rutu N. (Asst. Tr)
Qualification : B.com, LLB
Ms. Preeti Yadav (Asst. Teacher)
Qualification : B.Com, B.Ed
Mr. Prayesh . M. Bhatt (Asst Teacher)
Qualification : B.A , SGSU
Ms. Aarushi D. Talreja (Asst. Teacher)
Qualification : BCA ,Msc(Computer Sci)
Ms. Rupal Parmar (Asst. Teacher)
Qualification : M.A. , B.Ed, PTC
Ms. Prashantini Parekh (Asst. Teacher)
Qualification : B.Ed, PGDHAM, BHMS
Ms. Smita Sardesai (Asst. Teacher)
Qualification : B.Com, ECCE
Ms. Mamta Dadlani (Asst. Teacher)
Qualification : B.Com, B.Ed , Mont. , CCCD
Ms. Bharti Patel (Asst. Teacher)
Qualification : DECE, M.Com
Ms. Kamalmeet Tuteja (Asst. Teacher)
Qualification : M.Com, NTT
Ms. Rachana Bhatlekar (Asst. Teacher)
Qualification : M.Com , CCCD
Ms. Darshita Gandhi (Asst. Teacher)
Qualification : B.Com, ECCE, DECE
Ms. Jyoti Mule (Asst. Teacher)
Qualification : M.Com, ECCE
Ms. Sarika Dashputre (Asst. Teacher)
Qualification : B.A. , DECE
Ms. Kenya Pandya (Asst Teacher)
Qualification : B.com, B.Ed
Ms. Lalita Roa (Asst. Tr.)
Qualification : M.Com,MBA,B.Ed
Ms. Neeta Mahor (Asst Teacher)
Qualification : B.Sc. B.ed
Ms. Sonali Patil (Asst. Tr.)
Qualification : BCS
Mr. Narendra Gosai (PE Teacher)
Qualification : B.A. B.PEd
Ms. Seema Yadav (Asst. Tr.)
Qualification : M.A.B.Ed
Ms. Rashmi Joshi (Asst. Tr.)
Qualification : M.Sc., B.Ed.
Ms. Shruti Karulkar (Asst. Tr.)
Qualification : B.Sc., B.Ed
Ms. ShitalKaur Chinna (Asst. Tr.)
Qualification : M.A., B.Ed
Ms. Shubhda Choudhary (Asst. Teacher)
Qualification : B. Sc; PG
Mr. Mrugnesh Bhanvaria (Music Teacher)
Qualification : BA Music, DPA (Music)
Ms. Paraj Vasavda (Librarian)
Qualification : B.Sc.(Home Sc.), B.Lib. Sci., B.A. (Dance), DPA (Drama)
Ms. Kalpana Dasgupta (Asst. Teacher)
Qualification : M.A; B. Ed.
Ms. Pallavi Sharma (Supervisor)
Qualification : B.Com, ECCE
Ms. Vinitha Nair (Supervisor)
Qualification : B.A., B.Ed., ECCE
Ms. Madhuri Bhardwaj (Asst. Teacher)
Qualification : B. Sc.; B. Ed.
Ms.Anjali Petiwale (Asst. Teacher)
Qualification : M. Sc; B. Ed.
Mr. Amit Parmar (PE Teacher)
Qualification : B.A., B.P.Ed.
Mr. Ajay Vyas (Art Teacher)
Qualification : BA Fine Arts (Sculpture)
Ms. Trupati Tekale (Teaching Asst.)
Qualification : B.Sc., B.Ed.
Ms. Hemlata Patel (Teaching Asst.)
Qualification : M.Sc., B.Ed., DCA
Ms. Geeta Vadodaria (KG. Teacher)
Qualification : B.Sc. (Home) CD
Ms. Kalpana Bhootda (Teaching Assistant)
Qualification : M.Sc., B.Ed., PGDCA
Mr. P. M. Bhatt (Football Coach)
Qualification : Coach
Mr. Darshan Shah (Music Teacher)
Qualification : B.A.Music
Mr. Mayur Patel (Judo Coach)
Qualification : B.A, NIS 6 Weeks Certificate course (Patiala), B.P.Ed (3rd year)
Ms. Anita Bhardwaj (Asst. Teacher)
Qualification : B.Sc.( Home Sci), Dip. CCP
Ms. Manidipa Mitra (Teaching Asst.)
Qualification : M.A.B.Ed.
Ms. Anju Shamnani (Teaching Asst.)
Qualification : B.A., Montessori, CCD
Mr. Sanjay Aerke (Hockey Coach)
Qualification : B.A., B.Ed.
Ms. Kinnari Asti (Dance Teacher)
Qualification : B.A. in Dance, B.Com
Ms. Geeta Mamgai (Teaching Assistant)
Qualification : M.Sc. B.Ed.
Ms. Shubhangi Patel (Tennis Coach)
Qualification : B.Com. Dip. Montessori
Ms. Pooja Pandya (KG Teacher)
Qualification : B.Sc., PG (ECCE)
Mr. Harkishan K. Patel (Hockey Asst.)
Qualification : 12th
Ms. Sangeeta Dalia (Teaching Asst.)
Qualification : M.P.A in Sitar, B.P.A in Vocal, D.P.A in Vocal, Child Dvt., Montessori, Tabla
Ms. Jaya R. Relwani (Teaching Asst.)
Qualification : M.Com. B.Ed, PGDCA
Mr. Mayur Patel (Judo Coach)
Qualification : B.A., BPE
Ms. Preeti Shah (Teaching Ass.)
Qualification : B.Sc.PG (ECCE)
Ms. Sumita Kar (Teaching Asst.)
Qualification : M.A; KG. & Montessori, B.Ed.
Ms. Jyoti Purohit (Teaching Asst.)
Qualification : B.Com; LLB; B.Ed.
Mr. Manhar Parmar (Teaching Assistant)
Qualification : M.A., B.Ed.
Ms. Rinu Manoj (Teaching Ass.)
Qualification : M.Com., B.Ed
Mr. Rajesh Solanki (Coach - Gymnastic)
Qualification : BPE, B.P.Ed.
Ms. Manisha Mehrotri (Teaching Asst.-KG Section)
Qualification : INIFD, ECCE, B.Ed.
Ms. Inderjeet Kaur Bumsa (Teaching Asst.-KG Section)
Qualification : M.Sc.(Home Sci.), NTT
Ms. Pragna Desai (Teaching Ass.)
Qualification : M.A.B.Ed.
Ms. Priti Athley (Teaching Ass.)
Qualification : B.A.Montessori, B.Ed.
Ms. Ashwini Falnikar (Teaching Asst.)
Qualification : B.Sc. -Computer Sci., B.Ed., CD
Ms. Vandana Ahluwalia (Teaching Assistant)
Qualification : B.A. ECCE, B.Ed.
Ms. Binita Shah (Teaching Assistant)
Qualification : M.Com, B.Ed
Ms. Sinthoo Ganjoo (Teaching Assistant)
Qualification : B.Sc, B.Ed
Ms. Chaitali Gupta (Teaching Asst.)
Qualification : B. Com., ECCE
Mr. Pankaj Parmar (Asst Teacher)
Qualification : M.A.B.ED ,CCC, Journalism (Per)
Ms. Gargi Kapse (Asst Teacher)
Qualification : ECCE
Ms. Hiral Joshi (Teaching Asst.)
Qualification : B. Com., Montessori
Ms. Priyanka Ranpise (Office Asst.)
Qualification : BCA
Ms. Riddhi Soman (Accountant)
Qualification : B.Com; DCS, CD
Ms. Aruna Aher (Office Clerk)
Qualification : HSc; DPCS (ITI), CD
Ms. Shakuntala Bind (Accountant)
Qualification : M.Com, Tally
Ms. Dipti H. Trivedi (Kitchen Incarge)
Qualification : B.Com.
Mr. D.J.Sadhu (Peon)
Qualification : 10th Pass
Bharatiben (Sweepress)
Qualification : 5th Pass
Arjunbhai (Sweepress)
Qualification : 10th Pass
Sitaben (Kitchen Bai)
Qualification : 9th Pass
Vandanaben (Kitchen Bai)
Qualification : 7th pass
Sunitha Nair (Kitchen Bai)
Qualification : S.S.C.
Punitaben D. Rathod (Kitchen Bai)
Qualification : Nil
Nirmala Thapa (Kitchen Bai)
Qualification : 10th
Flashing News
There will be a "Rally" on 29th Jan'19 (Tuesday) for students of Std VI from sports complex, ONGC.
Essay Competition on 23rd Jan'19 for the students of Std VII & VIII.
Origami Competition on 22nd Jan'19 for the students of Std I & II
Final Presentation of Speaking about Herbs & Competition on 22nd Jan'19 for the students of III & IV
Ma. Hitharth Thombre of VII C stood I in Essay writing Competition conducted by ONGC at BHS ONGC.
Ma.Om Mehta of VII D stood II in Essay writing Competition conducted by ONGC at BHS ONGC .
Ma.Om Patel of VIII B stood III in Essay writing Competition conducted by ONGC at BHS ONGC .
Picnic for Std VII (Morn & Aft.) On 29/1/2019 "Vatika Green Resort"
Picnic for Std VIII (Morn & Aft.) On 01/02/2019 (Friday) "Vatika Green Resort".
BHS ONGC will celebrate 'Sports Day' on 31st January'19, at BHS ONGC Campus.
On 31st January'19, School will work 'Full day.'
'Ratan Mahal' Camp organised by NEEDS for Std IV will be from 1st Feb'19 to 3rd Feb'19.
Std III - VII Unit Test -2 from 11th Feb to 13th Feb. Std VIII, Unit Test -2 from 11th to 14th Feb
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